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Joov Repairing Moisturiser - Coconut 50ml

Joov Repairing Moisturiser - Coconut 50ml

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Hydrate and soothe your dry, tired skin with Joov repairing moisturiser.


Do you suffer with calluses and blisters tearing? Dry skin splitting / cracking? Look no further.

Perfect to repair, protect and revitalise sporty hands & feet from calluses, blisters, split skin and dryness.

When it comes to competing, we know that looking after your skin is equally important as your fitness, nutrition & hydration. Because even if you’re super talented and as fit as Ronaldo, it doesn’t count for much if you have ripped callus’ on your hand or blistered cut up feet holding you back.

Our non-greasy fast absorbing formula is perfect for sporty skin where you’re likely to experience blisters, dryness, callus’ and cuts.

There is a fine line between your skin being ‘too soft’ or ‘too hard/ dry’. Too soft and your skin can blister and tare. Too hard/dry and your skin can crack and split. Both can cause pain and discomfort, and neither are ideal for you to perform your best.

This is why we have been working hard to formulate a moisturiser that is much like baby bears porridge. Juusttttt Righhtttt.

For a nourishing, repairing and hydrating effect, apply to sore or dry skin to leave it feeling smooth, supple, strong and revitalised.

12months of research and development, collaborating with leading chemists, tweaking formulas, working alongside professional rock climbers, motocross racers, gymnasts, weightlifters, Ultra Runners and Crossfit Athletes we a proud and excited to have developed a formula that helps prevent blisters forming, callus’ tearing and skin cracking/splitting from dryness. Allowing YOU to focus on competing rather than pain management.

How to use

Apply Joov moisturiser anywhere on the body that suffers from; dryness, hard skin, callus’, blisters, excessive chafing or friction and even areas of skin that are exposed to the elements regularly.

More positives points.

  • Cruelty Free 
  • Not Tested on animals
  • Eco, Plastic free packaging
  • Made in the UK.
  • Vegan
  • Skin Repairing
  • Moisturising
  • Hydrating
  • Protecting
  • Non-Greasy
  • Fast Absorbing
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