About Us!

The Joov Story

The Joov concept was made in late 2015 when aspiring motocross rider Tom Johnson broke his neck while racing. Shortly after he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease along with other long term spinal problems.

As a full time personal trainer & sports masseuse Tom took his health and fitness very seriously and enjoyed eating a clean diet. To help with the pain in his neck Tom began using topical muscle creams and ointments until he realised that they were full of chemicals, parabens and loads of words that were far too long to be able to read – This made eating clean relatively pointless as he was rubbing chemicals into his body.

It was then he realised the need to get effective muscle/joint relief via a natural remedy.

After a lot of research, speaking to professionals, and A LOT of trial and error, finally our original 15ml Muscle Balm was born.

Tom raced motocross from the ripe age of 5, and had continued to race right until his injury at 21. Being in the motocross scene for so long, he gave out samples of this 'magic muscle formula' to his friends at the track – mainly as a bit of fun to see if it would help with the dreaded 'Arm Pump' (This is when a racer has a lactic acid build up in the forearms and is unable to grip on as normal – having the need to slow down and, well, basically lose the race – Nobody wants that!).

To Toms avail riders actually loved this magic potion and this is when he knew he was onto a winner.

He also gave it to his gym buddies, and cyclist friends who used it to help aid DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and to aid warm-up & recovery up pre/post a long ride. Again, feedback was great and everybody seemed to love it!

Fast forward to late 2017 and this is when Tom decided to make the scary move and start ' Joov Sports Products'. Timidly, Tom began to hit the road cold calling different stores without prior arrangement and started showcasing Joov Muscle Balm to motocross shops, cycling Shops and local health stores, introducing them to Joov's new magic muscle potion. Of course there was some rejection, but equally there was a lot of success. In fact more success than expected! By the start of 2018 Tom had gained over 10 stockists, and although this doesn't sound like much it was a great confidence builder and instilled positivity and vision to grow the brand, increase the product range and maybe even start to sponsor professional athletes in the future! Who know, maybe even start a Grand Prix motocross team one day. Maybe... Wishful thinking.

2018 & 2019 Tom still worked full time as a Personal Trainer & Sports Masseuse. Every spare day or Saturday was spent visiting motocross, cycling, climbing, running stores up and down the UK, as well setting up small trade stands at events such as indoor bouldering climbing comps, motocross & Superbike races and marathons. There was a lot of late night emailing and trying to think of ideas to help grow the Joov brand, but it was all fun work!

Late 2019 Joov was getting amazing feedback from athletes as well as people suffering from general aches and pains all over the UK. It was starting to look like a 'Real Company'.

After investing the riches that come with living at home with minimal bills Joov Sports Products started to become profitable, and Tom thought it was time to take it to the next level. He decided to go full Time with Joov, and put the PT'ing' to the side.

Paying himself the bare minimum – Only enough for rent and food, and maybe the odd weekend on a motorbike Tom could now put all his time & focus into building the Joov brand.

The goal had slightly changed from the start. Now the goal was to grow the company to be identified as cool. A way of life. Aspiring to be like the brands everybody knows and see's as the best. Like Redbull, Monster.

Being recognised as cool whilst providing an ethical product, packaged in as minimal plastic as possible. Natural ingredients, that can help athletes perform better. Help them warm-up & cool down more efficiently. Not only that, help ease aches and pains. After all it helped ease Tom's neck injuries, and it's helping other people with their aches. So it could help more people, all over the world.

Now, 2021 Joov is endorsed and loved by professional athletes in various sports around the world. Joov Sports Products is proud to Sponsor professional football teams, motocross GP Teams, Paralympians & Olympians and other elite athletes at the top of their game. But Joov isn't just for elite athletes. Joov products are used by hobby sportsmen & women, physiotherapists, sports masseuses, and even older folk who suffer with muscle and joint pain all around the world.

Our two main goals are: To support upcoming athletes in various sports, helping them achieve their goals. To help people who are suffering from aches and pains, to ease their discomfort through a healthy and natural approach.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Joov story. Encouraging you to live a happier, healthier life and being more – YOU.

Be better.