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Joov Palm Protectors x10

Joov Palm Protectors x10

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What do I get when ordering this? x 10 pairs - x 20 Palm Protectors.

Premium Kinesiology Tape to protect your palms from rubbing during activity - helping reduce rips, blisters and callus'!

When we say you will barely these are on, we mean it. These STICK to your hand, meaning you can leave these on all day. And our ULTRA THIN tape allows the most feel, while still giving you the protection you need. 


  • Extra Sticky
  • Water / Sweat Resistant
  • Single Use - Hygenic
  • Endorsed and used by PRO ATHLETES 

Used in a variety of sports!

Motocross / MTB / CrossFit / Weightlifting / Calisthenics / Gymnastics / Tennis / Golf / Rugby / Climbing - We always receive exceptional feedback from athletes within these sports and more!

How to use: Apply on DRY hands BEFORE Warmup!

PREPARE: First, pull apart to tear the backing paper through the holes and the top of the tail anchors.

APPLY: Insert fingers and attach tape over the knuckles. Extend your palm; remove backing paper slowly while stretching and applying the tape (stretch to 30% - 40%) Try to do this as smoothly as possible to avoid and bunching up during activity.

SECURE: Decide which option to wrap your anchors. (see images) Remove the backing, 1 at a time and wrap around your wrist, repeat with the other anchor. Finish application by rubbing your hands together to generate heat, this will allow the adhesive to stick better. 


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